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About Us

ISO Certified - Dimalaundry

[More than 21 Years of Experience]

We are Passionate About Laundry

We are professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning business, which means
we always stay up to date on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and
solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics. Plus, we maintain the
highest standards of business integrity by following local and national
regulations and environmental safety rules. We are passionate about
changing the way you think about laundry!

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Best Guarantee In The Business

[Our Guarantee ]

The Best Guarantee in the Business

The most trusted brand in clothing care since 2001. We will do everything we can to return your clothes to you in great shape. In the rare instance that an item goes missing or is damaged during the cleaning process, we’ll reimburse you up to the full value of the item with a $1,000 maximum per order.

[Our History ]

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Foundation

Founded in 2001, we follow a dream and an We aim to serve our customers in a way that far exceeds expectation. Being one of the leading laundry service providers, we know our customers’ mindset. It is not easy to come home from a hectic day at the office and rush to the nearest laundry service with your clothes. So, we have an array of services to make things easy for you You need not tolerate late deliveries, low standard of work merged with high prices. Our services cater to all your laundering and ironing, dry cleaning, shoe repairs, upholstery cleaning, etc.
Laundry & Dry Cleaning