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Dry Cleaning & Laundry, Free Delivery

Wedding Gown Care - Dimalaundry

Wedding Gowns Care

Your beautiful wedding gown is a cherished part of your life and an everlasting memory.
Alteration & Modification / Dimalaundry

Alteration & Modification

Dima offers alteration services from minor alteration such as button fixing, hook fixing, and zip replacement.
Shoes & Bag / Dimalaundry

Shoes & Bag

Professional care for your shoes and bags with proven specialist procedures.Your special shoes longer .
Kids Laundry

Kids Laundry

Are you a parent who relies on a Dima Laundry to wash all of your clothes and linens?

Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning Service

Windows are a substantial element of your home that make your home look more stylish and classy.

Things to consider before employing a Profession Laundry Service

Dry Cleaning Service

The name dry cleaning is somewhat misleading: it’s not a dry process. Instead of using water and detergents.

Ironing Services in Dubai

Ironing Services

With growing urbanization and improved standard of living, career has become people’s prime focus.

Corporate & Commercial Laundry

Commercial & Corporate Laundry Service

A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medicinal baths.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

As One Of The Top Carpet Cleaning Businesses In Dubai, Dima Laundry Constantly Aspires To Be The Greatest Cleaning Business

Curtain Cleaning Services In Dubai - Dimalaundry

Curtain Cleaning

As One Of The Top Carpet Cleaning Businesses In Dubai, Dima Laundry Constantly Aspires To Be The Greatest Cleaning Business 

Couch Cleaning In Dubai - Dimalaundry

Couch Cleaning

The Main Goal Of Luxury Couch Cleaning Dubai Is To Remove Any Stains That Are Visible As Well As Any Bacteria, Dust Mites.

Villa Cleaning

Villa Cleaning Is An Essential Task That Should Be Performed Regularly To Maintain A Healthy And Hygienic Living Environment. 

Gym Laundry Services

orking Out Is One Of The Best Methods To Stay Healthy And Keep A Fit Body. However, The Importance Of Clean Gym Clothes

Corporate & Commercial Laundry

Corporate & Commercial Laundry

Large corporations have determined that there is a financial benefit to outsourcing back office work because it saves money. Allowing us to do your laundry is cost effective and will allow you and your employees to focus on your core business. We offer smart solutions to meet your commercial laundry needs. Our Commercial Laundry Clients include:



We introduced Our All You Can Wash – Express Laundry Service 21 years ago and it became a huge sensation! We developed what quickly became one of the best-quality Laundry In Dubai. There was no other laundry service with the same quality and that’s still as of today. Our bags are able to hold 2 kg more than the competition. They cost less and are delivered to your door within the next 48 hours for free. If you’re an avid user of laundry services and are worried about doing laundry at home, you’ll be delighted with our laundry service which is available throughout Dubai.



Dima Laundry prides itself as a highly regarded provider of laundry service in Dubai. With a well-trained and knowledgeable group of experts in the field of laundry, we have been providing services to our customers who are discerning for a long time. Thanks to our modern and sophisticated machines, we’re equipped to offer superior laundry services to our clients. When you choose 

Dima Laundry you can be at ease knowing the clothes you wear are safe in the hands of our skilled staff. It doesn’t matter if it’s linen silk, cotton, silk woolens, or another fabric the next-generation laundry services will take care of it. Find the best Quick Laundry Service near me or laundry service near me, or laundry shops in my area online and then schedule an appointment for a free pickup and delivery laundry service close to your office or home.

Simple, convenient and inexpensive laundry Services in Dubai

In Dima Laundry, We are extremely specific about all aspects of laundry starting with pick-up to choosing the best detergents/cleaning solutions/solvents for washing and delivery. If you’re in search of exceptional laundry service in Dubai and the surrounding areas, we should be your top option because your most loved outfits as well as other clothing items need the highest level of care and nothing less than the best. While we pay for each fabric but our particular focus on delicate fabrics like silk, embroidered materials and satin helps us ensure that your clothes receive optimal cleaning without damaging the texture, finish, or material and shrinkage when you visit our laundry facility in Dubai.

There are five kinds of laundry bags. If you’re a frequent consumer of laundry services, and you dread washing your washing at home you’ll appreciate our Wash N Fold, Wash N Press, and Bed Linen Towels laundry bags, which are available throughout Dubai. With the All, You Can Wash laundry bag you can wash everything from underwear, T-shirts and T-shirts to bed Linen and towels. It is possible to pack the entire weeks’ worth of Dry Cleaning in one bag. Anything from Suits and Kandora to Dresses to Trousers and Shirts.

If you’re a fan of doing your laundry yourself and are dreading the process of ironing it and hate ironing, then you’ll love this Press Only laundry service. Dima Laundry offers you an easy-to-book cost-effective, efficient and convenient alternative to traditional laundry services. If you’re a medium or large family, or have a lot of items to wash each week, and are worried about doing the laundry in your home then big Laundry Bags is the perfect solution for you! (70x50cm maximum 40 things). Small Laundry Bags can hold a week’s of laundry, which is ideal for a smaller family or a single. If you require an instant dry or wash you could also consider this model. (50x40cm max 25 items)

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Our Features

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning
Our commitment to eco-friendly practices extends beyond our use of 100% toxin-free cleaning techniques. Our company is also incredibly proud to be a carbon-neutral business.
Wash & Fold
We are excited to offer quality
shoe repair & bag services alongside our second to none dry cleaning and wash & fold service. Our staff use the highest quality products.
Bag & Shoe Repairs & Shines
We offer one-day day laundry service to customers in our service areas, combining the excellence of dry cleaning with the ultimate convenience in laundry service and laundry delivery.
Package Delivery
Laundry services are considerably the most convenient services that people look for. Laundry is one of the most difficult chores that we have to deal with on a regular basis.