4 common issues faced while doing laundry that you will connect with!

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4 common issues faced while doing laundry that you will connect with

Doing laundry is like doing a math problem you get correct after a few hits and trials. But unfortunately, we all have undergone a few disasters due to our negligence or lack of knowledge. Read on further to know the problems and how you can overcome them through laundry companies in Dubai.

Here are a few typical issues everyone faces and how to bypass them.

Holes in Garments

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering a hole in your favorite shirt or top. Periodically you cannot pass them as a style statement. Holes can arise when there is wear and tear due to washing, unlike fabrics and utilizing too much chlorine bleach. To stop this, sort your garments according to material and read the tags for the best results.

Yellowed Apparels

Environmental aspects like cooking remain, and smoke can cause materials to be yellow. Your sweat and other body salts result in underarm yellowing on clothes which are difficult to get rid of. Garments stored improperly can react with the acids in cardboard boxes or wooden racks and get yellow.


Read the tags on your garments to avoid deterioration. Wash your apparel with cold water. It is not as harmful to the fabrics as warm and hot water. Hot water can provoke your clothing to relax, making the material misshapen.

It is recommended to avoid hanging garments on hangers to dry. The added weight of the water will result in the lengthening of the cloth.

Clothing with Lint

We often fail to check our pockets before shoving our garments in the machine. In addition, it can be frustrating to keep rolling the lint remover on your laundry after it is cleaned and dry.

To avoid destroying your whole pile of laundry, segregate lint producers, such as flannel pyjamas and fleece sweat suits, from lint attractors, such as synthetic blends, corduroys, and dark material. Then, to clear the lint, utilize a lint roller or pat with the sticky side of packing or masking tape.

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