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Reason to hire professional Laundry in Dubai

Dry cleaning is often seen as a luxury option when it comes to cleaning clothes. Dry cleaning laundry in Dubai is a way to clean clothes with a method and efficiency that is not possible using water at home. It is important to hire professional dry cleaners for many reasons.

For stubborn stains
Special fluids are used to remove stains from fabrics during dry cleaning. This process can dissolve oil and grease stains that are not easily cleaned by water. Laundry Sanitation and professional dry cleaners can also remove stubborn odors. Many services use non-abrasive products that are friendly to the environment.

Laundry Sanitation

Keeps clothes safe
Some clothes may lose their sheen if they are washed with water. Natural fibres like silk and wool can shrink, become distorted or lose their colour if they are washed with soapy water. Dry cleaning is a good way to maintain the shine and lustre of these fabrics. Even polyester fibres can be washed with water. Dry cleaning often results in garments returning to their original condition. Dry cleaners take safety precautions to avoid colour loss, shrinkage, or texture changes.

The best way to clean large items
Dry cleaning does not only clean clothes and garments but can also clean oversized items such as blankets, comforters and blazers. These items can be difficult to clean at home and may not yield the desired results. Dry cleaners are a time-saver for customers.

Laundry in Discovery Gardens

Attention to detail
Dry cleaners are meticulous about small details such as keeping embroidery, tussles or intricate work safe. The stains are removed without damaging the item. The garments are then ironed, folded and placed in boxes after dry cleaning. After receiving the clothes, the customer should just put them in their closet.

Dima Laundry in Discovery Gardens, Our Company has been in operation for many years. Our laundry professionals are the most skilled and professional in the industry. They know how to care for each garment. After careful observation, we pay attention to every fabric and select the best laundry method. This ensures your clothes are clean and dry without any shrinkage, damage or loss of texture. We are proud to offer the highest quality laundry service with our computerized machines.

Our staff is highly skilled, experienced and ready to help you with any laundry need you may have. Our laundry is the cleanest and most efficient in Dubai. Dima Laundry is your best choice for high-end laundry services in Dubai.